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May 15, 2018

There’s been a citizens awakening to Ocean Health.  A macro trend in the US, much instigated by a younger generation to the problems we have on a shrinking planet.  On Episode 20 we welcome Dr. Robyn Hannigan, Founding Dean of school of the environment.  Umass Boston & Michael Tlusty, PhD – Associate Professor – Sustainability and Food Solutions at the School for the Environment, Umass Boston.

.With over 70% of that shrinking planet being blue, and that ocean acting as the trash receptacle for the past 40+ years – we’re running out of never-never-land to throw away our trash and get away with it now pilling up where we may see it.  In that same half century time period – human population has skyrocketed from 3.5 billion to 7 billion.  Non-biodegradable plastic is now everywhere. Even forming its own landmass!

During our discussion I learn about their new state of the art campus on Boston Harbor.  They share how the School of the Environment was “created out of a series of modified environmentally Ocean focused programs that we specifically designed to solve a Marine or Ocean health problem.”  Michael discusses his innovative background and past initiatives with the New England Aquarium, and now his goals within blue food economies. Robyn has great perspective on jobs creation throughout ecological & environmental markets.  We discussed solutions to funding, policy, practice, awareness problem local and abroad.  This UMass Boston School of the Environment is entirely New School Ocean.