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Mar 25, 2019

Ep. 69:  Larry Feinberg – CEO & co-founder of KnipBio ||

On episode 69 of Sourcing Matters we welcome  Larry Feinberg – CEO & Co-founder of KnipBio.   A Boston-Based technology company pioneering advanced nutritional solutions for animal feeds since 2013, KnipBio offers a range of single cell protein products that come from non-food feedstocks.  It’s their mission to secure the quality and safety of food globally, in a sustainable, cost-effective way.  KnipBio has just recently eared a GRAS Green Light from FDA for Novel Aquafeed Protein.  The sky is now the limit for these social innovators set on using financial return to do more good.

Accounting for over 50% of total seafood sourced, aquaculture has developed some scale issues..  It’s not as simple as saying that we’ll continue to move in the direction of farming more fish. It’s not just about the higher trophic level fish we consume.  The issue is that much of the aquaculture infrastructure is reliant on pulling from the smaller fish in the sea – to feed the larger fish we consume.   The alternative feedstuff for our aquaculture fish can also often soy, or other crops grown on land using input-based conventional practice leading to an unsustainable perpetual cycle of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Prior to launching this revolutionary company, Larry Feinberg, PhD. completed his doctoral studies at the University of Massachusetts where he focused on biogeochemistry, physiology and genetics of hyperthermophilic microbes. He has deep expertise in early-stage technology ventures and bio-product discovery.  At Mascoma Corporation, he led the Organism Discovery group and New Business Opportunities team.

Tune to hear more about the state of the oceans, our fisheries and the future of aquaculture.  In our 40 minute conversation we learn about how Larry and his team at KnipBio are set on developing a more sustainable model for producing enough seafood to feed half the world by looking at from a microscopic POV.