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Feb 28, 2019

Ep. 64: Thor Sigfusson - Founder & Chairman of the Iceland Ocean Cluster ||

On episode 64 of Sourcing Matters we welcome Icelandic entrepreneur, author and speaker Thor Sigfusson to the show.  Thor is the founder & chairman of Iceland Ocean Cluster.   It's the mission of the Iceland Ocean Cluster (IOC) to create value in the seafood industry and for the planet by connecting together entrepreneurs, businesses and knowledge for future marine industries.  To serve this mission, Thor and his team have established a new type of working forum that will incubate and propagate new ideas for our future fisheries.

Beginning with the Ocean Cluster House in Reykjavik harbor - The Iceland Ocean Cluster is now pooling together satellite locations in coastal cities of the US, and eventually the World - in effort to work in unison in tackling many of the biggest problems facing our shrinking planet.  Each cluster site will be filled with like minded entrepreneurs and a business ecosystem to support and invest in a replicable model for a modern marine innovation economy.  During our 40 minute conversation we learn that fishing communities around the globe have many similar fish-to-fry.  We learn that there are fundamental problems with an antiquated seafood industry, and in dealing with our warming Oceans which need new perspective - now!

Previous to spawning the IOC, Sigfusson co-founded Codland.  He’s also launched a few food halls in Iceland, and he's responsible for the creation of the Ocean House.  Additionally, he's written five books on topics of international business, knowledge networks and salmon.  Schooled in the US, and most recently spending a good amount of time in New England and the Northwest - we ask Thor for his perspective on the current state of affairs of US fisheries.  TuneIn to hear his surprising response.

The need for action on these big problems we face together is real and it's immediate.  Sigfusson has been busy curating a fresh crop of smart and passionate folks set on doing well by doing great good through defining solutions of change.  It's Sigfusson's goal to leverage his overworked coffee machine and the engaging interactions that it's brewed to steer a new blue food economy for the betterment of Iceland; for the betterment of the world.