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Dec 18, 2018

For episode 51 we welcome critically acclaimed author Sonia Faruqi to the show.  In our 40 minute discussion Faruqi goes deep into her recent work 'The Oyster Thief' which blends fantasy and environmental activism.  It's a Sci-Fi novel which depicts an underwater civilization of mer-people themed amongst true ocean science, and acts of conservation living out in a deep-sea community.   Tune-In and hear her out...

Think of if this way:  Many folks have found their calling in STEM through an interest in Science Fiction - which was introduced to them at a young age.   Our interests in space travel & Super Heroes have changed our society (and some's belief structure) within a generation.  Sonia believes that the genre of Sci-Fi sparks interest and passion in young folks - and, this has incubated broader interest in more sciences & maths.  Getting them interested in this stuff at a you age makes them inquisitive, and more adoptive of science through-out their life.  That's a theory which has a great deal of merit.

Faruqi's previous work ‘Project Animal Farm’ was released in 2015.  This non-fiction work looked at the world’s food system through chronicling a journey to 60 animal farms in 8 countries.  Faruqi combines her hands-on immersive learning with analysis on modern global agricultural models.  The well researched book comes in tow with recommendations, and food sustainability solutions for many of these international issues.  She has some heavy hitters in food, agriculture and ocean health singing her praises.

So, If we're going to address the many issues facing our shrinking planet - our oceans - we'll need more great minds interested in planetary sciences. That's a fact.  Environmental Sci-Fi seems to be an interesting strike-point to trigger more interest within the right groups, at the right time, for all the right reasons.  Sonia Faruqi has me convinced!